She’s our responsibility โค @anneyxpoo

Late post, SD adventures wiff @kimberlele @roqwithkevin #extraordinarydesserts #teatime #thirdwheeling

third wheeling with my two favs @kimberlele @roqwithkevin

First timer at phils BBQ โ˜บ best first experience due to not having a long wait

Late post, quality time with @rnn7 ๐Ÿ˜˜

He doesn’t love me ๎ˆ

Merry christmas from the little piggies ๎€ณ๎€ข๎Œซ

Love is sweet.

first wedding order, congrats joanne!!! I’m so happy for you

New favorite, even if it’s a dummy cake 8)

Christmas asb reunion ๎”๎€ณ๎Œซ๎€ข

Stella + creme brรปlรฉe = perfect combination ๎”

Christmas dinner w/ the girls ๎€ณ๎€ข๎Œซ