I don’t know how but all this last minute bullshit write-ups are getting me good grades. I practically wrote this marketing paper the day of when it was due, typed it at the library an hour before class started, finished it two hours and thirty minutes later before class ended, ran and made it to class in time to turn it in.  whew.. couldnt believe i ended up procrastinating because the night before, it was Halloween and I decided to stay home just to write this paper instead of partyinggg. fell asleep around 12am and woke up with only one paragraph written. LOL.. all nighter was a failure. But I guess it def paid off ^____^

another example was the scholarship I just recently received. I applied for two, and I got chosen for one of them. and the one I got selected for, which was about being etiquette, I literally wrote and finished the essay about an hour before the deadline ..  While the other essay about my core values, I wrote it the day before and took more time on it. LOL… just my luck. and yes, I had to run just to make it on time to turn it in..

all of my midterm exams, I was surprised I did pretty well on them, last minute studyings. -_____- usually procrastination does not do me well. Ahah i shouldn’t put my hopes up still and depend on procrastination to do it’s magic. I’m just really happy with where I am with school. So I had to write about it ^____^

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chocolate chip cookie from new york  the besttt. #imacookiemonster #brotherbroughthometreatsfromhistrip #imissnewyork

my drunk supervisor :)

first timer at gen ! wiff @richardvle 


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im all in for the president that cares more about the people. and obviously, that was Obama during the debates.

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